Automating the Future of Work

Every tech innovation introduced into the workforce replaces at least part of someone's job. This is an almost imperceptible change, for now. But when robots can replace jobs faster than we can find new ones, the future of work will change forever.


A year ago I committed myself to studying computer science from home. I wanted to learn not just the syntax of programming languages, but also the theory of computer science as a field of study. The Open Source Society University is the best resource for this.



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I'm a writer, creator, Canadian expatriate, and gamer. I graduated from Humber College in Toronto with a Bachelor of Journalism. Since then, I've begun expanding my portfolio with journalistic work as well as multimedia personal projects. Most recently, I've working through the Open Source Society University course list while living in China.

I've been published by Skedline.com, Enthusiast Gaming, and Macleans Magazine. For myself, I sometimes publish materials I use in tabletop RPGs.

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I also accept messages sent by carrier insects.